Lime render module

Lime Render Module

Learn how to customise and preserve your structure

A built structure can be both a cultural object and a technical statement. It is cultural, because it stems from types of usage which themselves come from ways of life, and technical, because building systems require expertise derived from using local materials.

In many regions, mastering this balance is based on the possibilities offered by air lime. This course is an opportunity for rediscovering the fundamentals and mastering the right technique for each substrate. This will ultimately enable you to apply finishes with a regional and/or personal touch.

The course includes a workshop dedicated to plinths and wall bases which are always subjected to different pressures, and weakened as a result. It is a good idea in this case, to use a specific anti-saltpetre solution to ensure the work undertaken lasts over time.

Target audience

  • Building-sector professionals, specialists in masonry and finishes, business owners and employees.

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