Interior Lime Render module

Interior Lime Render module

Air lime renders as a decorative, adaptable and cost-effective solution

It is well known that lime produces long-lasting and decorative renders. Our built heritage bears witness to this every day.
With this property inherent to lime in mind, BCB has developed a range of lime renders dedicated to interiors.

Tradical Interior Lime Render is especially suited to highly porous substrates such as hempcretes, bricks and aerated concretes which require renders with a similar performance to give the building its expected hygrothermal qualities. These renders can also be used on storey-high panels and to renovate old coatings (render or paint). The possibilities are almost endless.

This course will equip you with the essentials for these techniques both for renovation and new buildings. You will immediately have aesthetic and reliable solutions at your fingertips that not only conform to project constraints as well as hygric and thermal performances, but also make your company more cost-effective.

Target audience

  • Building-sector professionals, specialists in masonry and finishes, business owners and employees.

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