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Discover our limes and their scope of application through our five choice areas.


Lime masonry and rendering

White or grey limes for:

  • Everyday lime masonry
  • Traditional lime render
  • Exposed stone rendering
  • Pointing
  • Anti-saltpetre lime



A specialised hemp and lime range for eco-friendly construction and renovation

  • Wall, screed and roof insulation
  • Insulating lining
  • Insulating render


Lime for interiors

A niche product line with a lime render ideal for all types of substrate and purpose in renovations and new constructions alike, with optional additional finishes giving added aesthetic value.

  • Smoothing and finishing lime renders
  • Lime renders for smooth or burnished finishes
  • Ready-to-use limewash


Historic buildings

A range covering all the limes that helped build our heritage

  • Granular lime
  • Lime paste
  • Slaked air lime – powder
  • Regional limes: Batidol, Chaubat, Chaubor
  • Limewash
  • Limewater

Class CL 90 and DL 80 (Batidol) limes are the founding blocks of building lime standard NF EN 459.


Repairing ashlar

A specific lime suited to the four fields of application in this area:

  • Spot repairs
  • Pointing
  • Facing
  • Templating and profiling of decorative elements

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