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Project Description

A lot of work was required to convert this old mill into a home. In particular, the pointing and part of the render had to be redone in the oldest part of the house. This old part of the house had been built using different types of stone, such as granite and sandstone.
The gable wall was a mix of half-timbering and traditional stonework. The whole building was given a Tradical® overhaul using the products that best matched the architectural design of the building.

Last but not least, special care was taken with the wisteria to make sure it was not damaged and could continue to adorn the main façade.

Type of building
  • The building was built out of different stones (sandstone, granite) and red bricks
  • Some parts consisted of half-timbering and traditional small bricks laid using thick joints
Work and materials
  • Pointing, base coat and brown coat made with Tradical® PF 70 lime
  • Finishes made with Tradical® PF 80 air lime
  • Applied by hand with the trowel method
Project participants
  • Bisceglia & Cie
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