Project Details
Date: 2004
Location: Chalons-en-Champagne (in the haute Marne department 52 - France)
Maitre d’ouvrage: Association diocésaine de Chalons en Champagne
Maitre d’œuvre: Méandre architecte
Category: eco-construction-public-tertiary-buildings

Project Description

The stone façades were repaired and the interior was redesigned to include spaces that would be open to the public, an exhibition space, a documentation centre, a cafeteria and a meeting room.
An indoor walkway open right up to the roof of the building was created to encourage interaction and provide natural ventilation that flows through the building, which is key to thermal comfort in summer.

Limiting the environmental impact

Local and renewable energy-efficient materials were used, such as wood, hemp and so on.

The key points

There was an emphasis on quality in terms of the urban context, use and energy efficiency – by optimising indoor humidity and acoustic levels – and energy and water management.

Hygrothermal and acoustic comfort

This comfort is provided by the insulation, the heating system and the ventilation system.
The client opted for a Tradical® Hemp Render insulation solution. Thanks to the breathability of the render, it was a perfect match for the existing architecture: half-timbering on the inside of the building and thick high-inertia stone and brick walls (see the cross-section in the Tradical® Hempcrete brochure, p.21)

Tradical® Hemp Render also helps to absorb ambient noise.

Tradical Hemp Render performance ratings

Consumption measured as primary energy (PE) in kWh per m² of net floor area (SHON) per year (readings taken in 2004 and 2005)

  • Gas (heating): 86 kWhPE/m²/year
  • Electricity: 23 kWhPE/m²/year
  • TOTAL: 109 kWhPE/m²/year
Project actors
  • Méandre Architecture (in the Seine-Saint-Denis department-France)
  • MCI Thermiques (in the Marne department-France)
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