Project Details
Date: 2012
Location: Paris 18è
Maitre d’ouvrage: Paris Habitat
Maitre d’œuvre: Atelier D - 66, avenue des Champs-Elysées 75008 Paris - France
Category: eco-construction-apartment-blocks

Project Description

A thermal performance of 45 kWhPE/m²/year comfortably met the requirements of Paris’s climate plan. The building consists of a main load-bearing structure made of reinforced concrete and a secondary timber frame structure. Both structures are covered in Tradical® Hempcrete, which makes up the infill and the in-built thermal insulation.
This homogeneous envelope benefits from everything the lime-hemp composite has to offer – moisture transfer, summer and winter thermal comfort and thermal inertia – with a very light carbon footprint to boot.
A series of thermal performance measurements for the building under real-life conditions will be taken to confirm the initial studies conducted for the project.
The behaviour of users will also be monitored to understand how facilities are actually used.
In the long term, the results will enable the efficiency of the building to be optimised and they will also be useful on future projects.

Technical choices and performance

Technical choices made
Mixed load-bearing structure
– main structure built with reinforced concrete
– secondary structure built out of timber

Type of work undertaken
Construction of an apartment building with four floors, housing four studio apartments, two four-room apartments and two five-room duplex apartments.

Performance objectives
Bâtiment Basse Consommation (French energy-efficient building certification)

Performances Thermique et Impact GES

Apartment building on Rue Bourgon in Paris – Summary of the characteristics

Project actors

Contracting authority
• Paris Habitat

• Atelier D “Sustainable Architecture and Development” 66, avenue des Champs-Elysées
75008 Paris –

Technical follow-up
• Structural engineering consultants: SERF – 95600 Eaubonne
• Technical and thermal engineering consultants: INGELEC and TBS – 94100 St Maur des Fossés

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