Project Details
Date: 2013
Location: Montpellier (Hérault deptartment - France)
Maitre d’ouvrage: Private individul
Maitre d’œuvre: Claude Marre architect
Entreprise: Luce Borel
Category: interiors

Project Description

This apartment is located at the heart of Ecusson, a district in Montpellier that is naturally damp. The old render was removed and replaced by a beautiful white stucco made with Tradical® H 98 lime, using a specific home-made recipe developed by Luce Borel, who specialises in this type of plaster work. Air lime is mixed with talcum powder and marble powder with different particle sizes and then applied in four coats. The last coat is burnished to give this natural stucco its smooth and shiny look. The atmosphere inside was transformed and now has a resolutely calming effect.

During the preparation phase, the irregularities in the stone walls were dubbed out using a traditional lime render, made with Tradical Bâtir, to obtain a perfectly flat surface.

Structural profile
  • Stone walls
  • Brick partition walls
  • Tradical® Bâtir lime was used to resurface walls (dubbing-out coat)
  • An even undercoat of Tradical® Décor was applied
  • A stucco-style finishing coat of Tradical® H 98 was applied
    In four coats

    • Marble powder with different particle sizes
    • Talcum powder in the last coat
    • Tradical® Régulateur de Porosité (porosity-reducing primer) on the brick partition walls before applying the undercoat
Project participants
  • Project owner: M. Arlendi
  • Artisan decorator: Luce Borel (Evolution Déco)
  • Architect: Claude Marre
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