Project Details
Date: 2014
Location: Paris (75018), 36 rue Myrhra
Maitre d’ouvrage: SEMAVIP
Maitre d’œuvre: North by Northwest architectes - 42 rue d'Avron - 75020 Paris
Category: eco-construction-apartment-blocks

Project Description

This large renovation project at Rue Myrha, in Paris’s 18th arrondissement, gave birth to an innovative building – the first social housing project of its kind – which combines a metal framework with hempcrete.

The weight factor

Tradical® Hempcrete is an ultralight concrete weighing in at 330 kg/m3 compared with 2.23 t/m3 for reinforced concrete.

This was a huge advantage for the Paris site as it enabled the NORTH BY NORTHWEST architects and the LM INGENIEUR design engineers to reduce the foundation footprint to a depth of 3 m, with injections to a depth of 40 m.

A low impact on the environment

The project’s carbon footprint was also very good, as the impact of the construction stage was reduced by 60% with regard to Paris’s climate plan expectations, and it only represents a quarter of the overall carbon footprint (use and construction) over 40 years compared with a standard construction method.

GHG emission and energy efficiency
  • Performance of the envelope: French H&E profil A certified
  • GHG emission: 5kg CO2e/m²/year
  • Energy performance: 49kWhPe/m²/year
Façade insulation

Thickness = 27 cm, R = 3.17 m².K/W, lambda = 0.085 W/m.k

Roof insulation

Thickness = 27 cm, R = 4.5 m².K/W, lambda = 0.06 W/m.k

Project profile
  • Floor area of the building: 570 m2 of net floor area (SHON)
  • Total floor area of apartments: 345.78 m²
  • Height of the building: Ground floor + 5 floors (with setback)
  • Depth of foundations: 3 m
  • Injection to a depth of 40 m
  • Solar hot water
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Natural self-insulating system
    • 150 m3 hempcrete
    • Tradical® PF70 lime and Chanvribat®
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