Project Details
Date: 2012
Location: Tarbes
Category: historic-buildings

Project Description

This building had been closed for a decade. One of the local authority’s flagship projects was to turn it into a strategic cultural hotspot. The project was successfully carried out by restoring the building and converting it into an attractive museum exhibiting three specific collections: Beaux Arts, Bigorre et Quatre Vallées and Historique des Hussards.

The restoration of the façades was carried out by Midan, who restored all the finishes to their original splendour. Panels of yellow ochre render and red veneer bricks adorn the surface of the façades and the tower.

Luckily, there was enough of the original background colour and decorative brickwork left to be able to faithfully reproduce the whole decoration. A simple stencil technique was used, for example, to trace the staggered pattern for the decorative brickwork.

Some of the existing decorative work at the top of the tower was kept in its original state, with the render being ‘bonded’ to strengthen its adhesion.
A specific limewash was applied as required, for toning the preserved and/or renovated sections with each other to produce a harmonious overall look.

  • Tradical® PF 80 render
  • Harmonising limewash


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