Project Details
Date: 2015
Location: Les Loges en Josas (France)
Maitre d’ouvrage: Privée
Maitre d’œuvre: Dumont-Legrand architectes - Paris
Category: eco-construction-apartment-blocks, eco-construction-grouped-housing

Project Description

Preserving the identity of the location

This project included ten residences of varying sizes, each with a private garden. The challenge of the project was to ‘adapt an old rural building to contemporary uses.’

The long house, a traditional building in the Ile-de-France region, was reincarnated for the modern-day world. The apartments are traversing and have floor-to-ceiling windows for extra light. The irregularly positioned openings in the façades allude to the modifications made over time to the initial design of the buildings – and keep a farm-like spirit too!

A reproducible system

The building system was rationalised and led to the design of a template for creating modules of 5 to 7 m in length and 2.7 m in height. This semi-prefabricated system had several advantages: the lightweight structures were easy to lift and transport, easy to store on site and quick to assemble.

GHG emission and energy efficiency
  • Performance of the envelope: equivalent to a new BBC (low-energy house)
  • GHG emission: 5 kg CO2e/m²/year
  • Energy performance: 50 kWhPe/m²/year
  • Design highlights
    • Solar hot water
    • Masonry stove
    • Natural ventilation
Tradical® Hempcrete Elements
Natural self-insulating system

552 m3 of hempcrete made with Tradical® PF 70 and Chanvribat®

Tradical® Hempcrete insulating wall: surface area of 900 m2

Thickness = 28 cm, R = 3.3 m².K/W, lambda = 0.085 W/m.k

Tradical® Hempcrete insulating roof: surface area of 1,000 m2

Thickness = 30 cm, R = 5 m².K/W, lambda = 0.06 W/m.k

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