Maison des Etudiants – Marne la Vallée Campus

Project Details
Client: Ile-de-France regional council / Development Department
Date: 2014
Location: Champs-sur-Marne (in the Seine-et-Marne department)
Maitre d’œuvre: Bellus & Henocq architectes - 55 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris
Category: eco-construction-public-tertiary-buildings

Project Description

Renovation and conversion

The Ile-de-France regional council awarded this project to architects Belus et Henocq. The architects reinvented the idea of traditional rural architecture, with a daring yet respectful architectural approach to heritage, opening the door to the future for this site which now houses offices, meeting rooms, multi-purpose rooms and a cafeteria.

The main contractor offered a solution consisting of a Tradical® insulating lime-hemp lining made with Chanvribat® and coated with a Tradical® hygrothermal render, and it works excellently here as a high-performance insulation layer. The building benefits from the material’s plasticity in view of the geological constraints imposed by the marl-type soil.

Tradical® Hempcrete lining and stone walls are a perfect match

The architects decided to keep the large open spaces of the barns (9 m up to the roof ridge and 4.5 m high walls). These volumes required excellent insulation.
The volumetric dimensions are 862 m3 for the cafeteria, 2,329 m3 for the open space in building A, 231 m3 for the music room, 1,009 m3 for the multi-purpose room, and 713 m3 for the dance studio.
BCB’s insulation solution consists of an insulating lining combined with an insulating render.
It was chosen because it has a high thermal performance rating, it is perfect for mineral substrates, it has excellent hygrothermal properties and it can be used on high walls.

Performance rating of this public building

Awarded French high energy efficiency (HPE) C certification (ref. -10%)

Tradical® Hempcrete casting and hemp-based render application
Tradical Hempcrete lining
  • Thickness of 14 to 18 cm. Overall R value of 1.8 m² K/W for the room.
  • Surface area of 650 m²
  • With the Tradical® PF70 + Chanvribat® blend
Tradical® Hemp Render finish
  • Thickness of 3 cm
  • Surface area of 650 m²
  • With Tradical PF 80 M + hemp
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