Lime for masonry and rendering

Our architectural heritage is proof that lime is a material which guarantees that our buildings handed down from generation to generation and still visited or lived in will last for decades to come. Let’s continue to provide for the future !

Tradical Hempcrete

These hemp and lime self-insulating products regulate temperatures in summer and winter, control humidity and ensure the indoor air is of a healthy quality to breathe. These characteristics go above and beyond the expectation of current regulations and create an unrivalled system.

Limes dedicated to interiors

If you want colours, textures, lasting materials and walls that breathe, there are no two ways about it — lime can do it all !

  • Technical Performance

    • Consistent values for characteristics
    • Characteristic ratings retained over time
    • High workability
  • Return on investment

    • Durability of lime building works
    • Tradical Hempcretes last as long as limestone
    • High cost-effectiveness: machines can be used for all types of application
  • Environmental performance

    • Lime kiln fuelled by wood pellets and grape seeds
    • Very good GHG balance for new buildings or renovation works using
      Tradical Hempcretes
    • One house built using Tradical Hempcretes absorbs 15 tonnes of CO2

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Our projects

Throughout France

The Tradical lime range is designed to meet the requirements of all renovation and new construction projects.
From a simple whitewash for refreshing old finishes to producing traditional renders.
From insulating built heritage in perfect harmony with existing materials to building constructions with high thermal, acoustic and hygric performances.


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Tradical® lime

How is air lime produced ? Why is it still a benchmark material among building limes ? Why formulated limes… ?






BCB Tradical

BCB Tradical works with three entities that promote materials and technical solutions for conserving built heritage and building new constructions with innovative hygric/thermal performances.

École Nationale du Chanvre
Construire en Chanvre
“Quality is the watchword at Tradical. Each project is a new project and the right solutions have to be found.
The technical specialists at Tradical are always on hand for those crucial moments when you as a tradesperson
just cannot afford to make a mistake in front of the client.”
Rémy Chorda

Tradesperson specialising in built heritage, chair of the Construction Saine en Lozère association


“For 20 years now, we have offered cutting-edge performance solutions that combine hemp and lime to produce hempcrete suited to all types of construction.”


“We can meet with you and help you define your project, identify the key aspects of the construction schedule, stick to budget and so on.”


“We provide all the material-based and specialist technical solutions for the built heritage and construction sectors.”


All about BCB Tradical

For information on performance tests, training dates, examples of outstanding building projects, professional profiles and more.

Enveloppe globale en béton de chanvre pour un patrimoine performant
Enveloppe globale en béton de chanvre pour un patrimoine performant

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Pi-Œuvre – portrait express
Pi-Œuvre – portrait express

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Un apiculteur fan de béton de chanvre
Un apiculteur fan de béton de chanvre

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